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Branch Forum seeks your opinion about issues to inform its efforts to achieve its mission.  A summary of previous surveys and the results is provided at the bottom of this page.

Council is facing an important decision as to the Aquatic Center project which was controversial to begin with and is now problematic due to scope/budget issues.  Review this in more detail on our Issues page.  Our readers overwhelmingly believe that Council should hold the line and not allocate more funds for the project.  See the results here.


Previous surveys:

Capital Improvements Preferences-January, 2013 Survey Results-

  • Q1-$7.0 million aquatic center with indoor pool: 25% yes, 53% no, 22% maybe.
  • Q2-$10.2 million parks improvement & trail: 30% yes, 37% no, 33% maybe.
  • Q3-$6.9 million soccer complex: 15% yes, 62% no, 23% maybe.
  • Q4-$47.3 million repair/replace streets: 52% yes, 14% no, 34% maybe.
  • Q5-$8.5 million drainage projects: 49% yes, 17% no, 34% maybe.
  • Q6-$10.3 million water and sewer lines/facilities: 67% yes, 33% no.
  • Q7-$13.3 million fire station/ops center: 39% yes, 36% no, 25% maybe.

Legal fees-April, 2010 Survey Results-

  • Choice 1: The $3.2 million already spent is enough. 76.6%
  • Choice 2: Another big expenditure to take it through the next level. 2.7%
  • Choice 3: Whatever it takes to eventually get it to the US Supreme Court.  20.7%

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